My Time At The Tallulah Rose Flower School

I was so thrilled (and nervous!) the day I started the two-week Career Change Course at the Tallulah Rose Flower School back in October 2017. After a year spent on maternity leave looking after my amazing boy, it was finally time to get back to doing something creative and fun.

I still remember the morning when I approached the school doors. I was greeted by Rachel, founder and owner of this amazing school, and I instantly felt at home! A fabulous home in fact, full of the freshest, most fragrant blooms and delicious teas and cookies – a real treat for me, since I was still breastfeeding at night and certainly needed that extra bit of sugar intake in the morning!

Meeting the other girls was great. It was like meeting seven other versions of me! We were all there for the same reason: to delve into the wonderful world of flowers. Every day, it felt that the room was full of hope and excitement, and by the end of two fantastic weeks we all felt much more confident and hopeful about the future. 

I certainly felt less nervous by the end of it, and I have not looked back a single second since leaving the school! If you are looking to train to become a florist, do not hesitate to enrol at this amazing school – it’s worth every single penny!