An Italian wedding

That’s it, the title says it all; I had the great opportunity to be booked to work on a wedding in Italy! Mic and Mic tied the knot in beautiful Milan back in June 2018.

They contacted me only a few months before their wedding was taking place and thanks to the amazing Gambin Flowers Market and one of my great auntie and uncle who let me work in their workshop space and most importantly let me use their cellar to store flowers I was able to come up with a bespoke plan for their big day.

The flowers included delightful angel cheeks peonies, amazing delphiniums, great looking huge scabiosa, glorious dahlias, fragrant stocks, dainty lisianthus and plenty of the freshest wax flowers and eucalyptus amongst some other of mother’s nature bountiful beauties!

The all experience was incredible and it taught me a lot! I had never worked in Italy as a florist before and, oh boy if it was hot! I now know why Italian florists use specific types of flowers when it comes to wedding works and why they stay away from some of the most popular choices here in the UK.

So if anyone is thinking of getting married in Italy make sure you do your research before enquiring about your wedding flowers and that you carefully plan everything with your florists, which obviously will be able to help you in choosing the perfect flowers for your big day as you wouldn’t want for the flowers to wilt by the end of the day because of the heat!

Think roses, dahlias, gerberas, gypsophilla, hydrangea’s, calla lily, peonies, carnation, amaranthus and Freesia to name a few… and remember, a non seasonal flower won’t be fresh and lasting as a seasonal one, especially when the weather is hot as it usually is during the summer months somewhere like in Italy, so for instance don’t go for something like lily of the valley which blooms in April and May and loves fresh air as it cannot stay under the heat of summer season and keep in mind that all seasons has different flowers to offer for a wonderful wedding and you do have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for your important day!

Bride and groom with baby pink wedding bouquet and peacock feathers

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