A trip to Organic Blooms, Bristol

Back in September I spent one sunny weekend morning with a dear friend strolling through the most gorgeous flower farm at the fabulous Organic Blooms.

Organic Blooms is an organic cut flower farm nestled in the outskirts of Bristol. At Organic Blooms they grow and sell seasonal British cut flowers sustainably and without the use of artificial chemicals and they achieved the  Soil Association organic certification in February 2017. They are a Social Enterprise, helping people achieve their potential and to overcome barriers that they face when considering training and work. People can be referred to Organic Blooms by a health professional and a person can spend up to 3 days a week with them, learning all the seasonal tasks needed in a working flower nursery and florist business. They are also one of the very first Soil Association certified organic flower growers in the UK, just amazing!

We absolutely adored the all experience.  If you haven’t visited them before it’s definitely worth a visit, especially during the Spring/Summer month when everything is out in full bloom.

They offered us a guided tours which I definitely recommend if you would like to get a better understanding of flower farming in the UK and find out more about how they work. Alongside giving you plenty of information about the various flower beds they served the most delicious homemade cakes and people were on hand to answer any questions. They also gave us the opportunity to pick their fresh flowers, certainly a real treat if you are in love with freshly grown English Country Flowers!

A well spent weekend, wouldn’t you agree? Have you visited any flower garden or farm this year or is it on your to do list? Do you have any other must see flower gardens? Would love to know what you recommend.

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