Autumnal Wreath Making

Creating a wreath is extremely pleasant and is something that can be made all year round. It is certainly a lovely way of bringing the outdoor in or simply adorning your front door during the winter festive season. 

The wreath pictured here is made of foraged foliage. When foraging the main thing to be concerned about is to take a little of what you need, without damaging the plant that remains.

When cutting from a branch, always ensure you cut near a nodule on the plant so to encourage regrowth. In some places like woodlands you may need permission, so make sure you seek for permission and be respectful with where you go and what you take.

Here is what you will need to make your very own wreath:

-A wreath hoop -mine is a wooden one and about 25mm in diameter (hoops can be found online or from hardware stores which have a floristry section).

-Secateurs, Florist Scissors & wire cutters
-Reel wire (green is ideal but you can use metal 1mm wire too)
-Fine floristry wires (for wiring details like chosen flowers, dried fruit or pine cones)
-A selection of dried ingredients like pine cones, thistle, dried seed heads, dried fruit, lavender, etc. (your choice!)

-Ribbon or twine to hang your wreath (not necessary if wanting to hang it straight from the hoop like mine)

How to make your wreath:

Arrange small bundles of foliage and wrap the wire around it to secure them. You can then repeat this around the entire wreath ring, always working in the same direction. I actually did only half of mine so the wooden hoop is showing!

Once you have placed foliage round the hoop, trim the wire again to one inch, and wrap around onto the frame to secure.

Now add any extra bits like dried fruit, pine cones etc. to add the finishing touches to your creation by wrapping fine florists wire around the base of the items and use this to secure onto the main wreath.

If you have any gaps of wire showing, cover it by attaching pieces of denser greenery and make sure to tuck it under other foliage to hide that wire!

Lastly, if desired add twine or ribbon to hang or decorate. Hang it up in your desired place or give it to a friend or family as an early pressie for their home!

Good luck with it all and remember I run workshops throughout the year and there are some living wreath sessions taking place at The Old Library during the winter season! Hopefully see you there!

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